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Desierto Home Healthcare’s in home occupational therapy department works closely with both patients and caregivers to help each patient become as independent and active as their condition will allow. Our occupational therapists follow the prescribing physician’s directives to assess the patient’s condition as well as create and implement a comprehensive occupational treatment plan.

Our in home occupational therapy program is a client-focused process that not only administers the proper treatment and therapy but also focuses on transforming the home into an environment that promotes the highest level of health and recovery.

in-home occupational thereapy

Occupational therapists assist clients who have a range of physical, developmental, social, or emotional challenges that create obstacles to daily living and independence. An occupational therapist can instruct patients on how to use certain rehabilitation equipment or techniques that will improve their ability to participate in daily activities such as self-care, cooking, eating, and cleaning.

Who Can Benefit From In-Home Occupational Therapy

Occupational therapy benefits patients who are suffering from a wide range of conditions and injuries. Some of the situations in which occupational therapy makes sense include:

  • Routine home activities have become difficult following a recent stroke, slip and fall, or major surgery.
  • Your home requires adaptation for both safety and recovery.
  • Instruction is needed to learn how to use assistive devices in the home.
  • You have an ongoing medical condition that affects strength and/or motor skills such as arthritis, Parkinson’s Disease, or Multiple Sclerosis.
  • You have a recent diagnosis of a mental illness, a stress-related disorder, or other emotional disturbance.

Desierto Home Healthcare assures our clients that the transformed environment is one that will promote recovery and not sabotage our therapy efforts. For example, many injuries are caused by slip and fall accidents. One strategy we use for reducing the possibility of slip and falls is to conduct a thorough environmental assessment of the home. Our goal is to take a look at the daily tasks within the home and evaluate how to improve these processes.

As your occupational therapy progresses, your primary physician will be updated so that any necessary changes can be made to your treatment plan. Our occupational therapists work closely with physical therapists, speech therapists, and skilled nursing staff to coordinate your comprehensive home treatment program.

If you are looking for an in-home occupational therapist, call Desierto Home Healthcare. Our nurses are qualified and equipped to ensure your home and abilities are geared toward a safe and healthy recovery.

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