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Strengthening Verbal Skills with Desierto Home Healthcare’s In Home Speech Therapy Serving El Paso

Desierto’s program for in-home speech therapy assists patients of all ages to recover and cope with language, speech, and swallowing disorders. Our professional speech therapists will come to your home and work one-on-one with you or a loved one on the skills and techniques that will enhance patient comfort and the ability to communicate.

Our highly-trained speech therapists will collaborate with the prescribing physician on an in-home treatment plan which will include specific goals for the patient. Therapists may also work closely with family members and other caregivers to teach strategies that will better facilitate and maintain communication with the patient.

in-home verbal thereapy

Speech therapists and language pathologists help patients who are dealing with a variety of medical issues. Some of the conditions in which an in-home speech therapy program makes sense include:

  • Following a stroke, trauma, or surgery that has impacted communication or the patient’s ability to swallow.
  • After the diagnosis of a neurologic disorder such as Parkinson’s disease or cerebral palsy.
  • After being diagnosed with a cognitive disorder such as dementia.
  • Any time that communication or speech skills appear to have deteriorated.

At Desierto, we are committed to empowering both our clients and their families with our speech therapy services. Our proven techniques help patients regain independence and promote self-respect and well-being.

Articulation Therapy

Our in home articulation therapy focuses on improving your speech and communication skills. Articulation blunders can range from a few minor errors such as trying to articulate “cat” but instead saying “tat,” to a severe issue where many errors and substitutions are being made. The nurses and therapists at Desierto Home Healthcare are experienced in areas such as articulation delays and apraxia of speech and know how to administer proper and effective therapy sessions.

Language Therapy

Language delays can be attributed to a number of different issues such as age, injury, or disability. Our language-based therapy is enjoyable and done in a relaxing environment. Our patients often don’t even realize that they’re actually undergoing any kind of structured therapy session. Activities are tailored to your needs as well as daily activities and are ultimately structured to improve your language skills. Our nurses have administered a variety of language therapies for patients dealing with medical conditions, autism, or other kinds of issues.

If you are seeking the assistance of an in-home speech therapist in El Paso, contact Desierto Home Healthcare. Our skilled and compassionate speech therapy experts are available to help patients suffering from a variety of conditions and disorders.

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