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What is Medication Management?

Keeping track of multiple medications can be challenging for anyone. It can be even more overwhelming when you’re going through physical therapy to recover from an injury, illness, or as part of post-surgery treatment. You’re dealing with ongoing pain and focused on getting better, which makes it difficult to remember which drugs to take and when to take them. Desierto Home Healthcare understands your situation and is here to help with your medication management.

Medication management is a service we offer to patients in their own home. We provide education about your medical condition as well as explain the relief and possible side effects that you can expect from each prescription drug. Our experience has shown us that the biggest factor in a patient’s recovery is his or her compliance with physical therapy and taking medication as prescribed. However, we realize that you may have numerous questions and require assistance with organizing your medications before taking them.

in-home medication management

Assistance with Establishing a Medication Schedule

The first thing our home healthcare aide will ask when visiting your home is to see all the medications your doctor has prescribed to you. For patients who don’t have significant memory or mobility issues, we find that using a pill organizer and sorting each drug by morning, afternoon, or evening works best. If a drug includes special instructions, such as to take with food or on an empty stomach, we tape that information to the pill organizer so you see it every time you’re scheduled to take a prescription drug.

We also offer additional assistance with medication for patients who require it. This could include reminder phone calls or sending a staff member to your home to physically hand you the pill and a glass of water at the time you’re scheduled to take it.

Assessment of Potential Drug Interactions

It’s important that our staff knows all drugs you currently take, including vitamins, supplements, aspirin, or other products you purchased without a required prescription. Some drugs do not interact well with one another and should not be taken at the same time. This is something we evaluate for you during your initial consultation. If we determine you’re at risk for a drug interaction, you will need to speak to your doctor about which drug you should eliminate.

Taking prescription drugs in the correct dosage and on schedule is essential to your recovery. Please contact us today to let us know how we can help!

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