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Home Health Agencies Provide Relief for the Sandwich Generation

in-home healthcare nurse helping elderly womanHave you heard of the term sandwich generation? You may be a part of this group and not even realize it. This term refers to the people providing care to both their parents and children. They are caught in between the hard work of geriatric care and all the demands of raising a child. Hiring home health agencies is a viable option to relieve some of the pressures.

Several factors have added up to create the sandwich generation. Over the past century life expectancy has risen from 47 to 76, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. This has created a larger number of older adults that require care. At the same time, the average age for starting a family has increased as well. Dorothy Miller, a social worker, created the term in 1981.

This lifestyle creates a lot of issues in a person’s life and in the family. There is increased stressed and financial burden. Many feel overwhelmed and incapable of handling both ends of the spectrum. On top of that, the load of housework increases greatly with this family dynamic. If the parent is suffering from Alzheimer’s the issues are only harder to deal with.

Home Health Agencies Can Provide Relief

For people that are stuck in the middle of this situation, enjoying family life and relationships can become strained. Instead of ending up in a state of burnout, many chose to hire home health agencies for several aspects of care. A home attendant can help with the everyday care of an elderly person. They can prepare meals, handle laundry, and even do light chores. If the patient is experienced limited mobility or speech, Desierto Home Healthcare offers both speech and physical therapy. We even offer special care for Alzheimer’s patients. With the help of a home health nurse, many people in the sandwich generation find much-needed relief. With the extra help, families can truly enjoy the dynamic of three generation in a home.

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Aging is a normal part of life, but that doesn’t make it any easier. Instead of trying to handle the burdens that come along with a parent in the geriatric state of life while raising children, you can turn to home health agencies for help. Please contact us today for more information.