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What Does In-Home Speech Therapy Entail?

Little girl during speech therapyIf your child struggles with speech disorders or impediments, a speech-language pathologist can help them develop their speaking abilities with speech therapy. But driving to and from the doctor’s office every time you have an appointment can be a hassle, especially with school, work, and other commitments. An in-home speech therapist can help take this load off your shoulders by going to your house instead. Desierto Home Healthcare can provide your child with in-home speech therapy services, so you can rest assured knowing your child is getting the therapy they deserve without you having to waste time and money driving back and forth between home and the clinic. Here’s what you can expect from in-home speech therapy.

Articulation Therapy

There are two main kinds of speech therapy; articulation therapy and language therapy, which we’ll touch base on in just a bit. Articulation therapy can help children who have trouble articulating words correctly and struggle with a particular sound error, like saying tat instead of cat and so on. Articulation therapy focuses on helping children move past these sound errors by assessing what they need to correct and the best way for them to correct it. There are three common kinds of treatment; vertical, horizontal, and cyclical. Vertical treatments are usually intense, but they help children become more comfortable with a specific target before moving on to the next target. Horizontal treatment is less intense and children frequently jump back and forth between targets until their goals are met. Lastly, cyclical treatment incorporates strategies from both vertical and horizontal treatments. Each treatment is effective and is usually chosen based on your child’s needs and learning habits.

Language Therapy

Language therapy targets delays in language development that can happen because of injury, disability, or age. If your child has experienced language delays due to a disability or some kind of trauma or injury, we can help. Language delay treatment includes wholesome activities that can help them develop language skills at a conversational level and beyond. Speech and language therapy can also help with issues with swallowing and the throat.

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If your child needs help to develop their language skills, Desierto Home Healthcare can help! We specialize in in-home speech therapy that can accommodate you and your child’s busy schedules while also giving your child the chance to shine. We understand how stressful it can be when your child struggles with a developmental issue, but with a little patience and hard work, we can help your child flourish in no time. Give us a call today for more information!