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In-Home Speech Therapy: One Word at a Time

Woman helping child with in-home speech therapyAccording to a University of Arizona study, the average person speaks around 16,000 words per day. While some people may think that 16,000 words are far too many, this number reveals how much we rely on verbal language to communicate and interact. Unfortunately, it is far too easy to take the ability to speak for granted, and many people don’t understand the emotional and practical challenges that come with restricted communication.

At Desierto Home Health Care, we are committed to providing in-home speech therapy to help patients cope with language and swallowing disorders and recover from injuries, surgeries, or traumas that affect their ability to communicate.

                                                                                      Patients who Benefit from In Home Speech Therapy

No matter what age, medical background, or personal goals you have, our professional speech therapists will create a plan that is catered to meet your individual needs. We work one-on-one with patients and help to equip families and caregivers to provide support and adopt helpful communication strategies. A few categories of patients who benefit from speech therapy include:

  • Those with organic or functional voice disorders, apraxia, or dysarthria
  • Those with neurological damage due to a trauma, stroke, accident, infections, or neurological disorders
  • Those with cognitive disorders such as dementia
  • Those with language delays or articulation challenges

Progress from the Comfort of Your Home

At Desierto, we believe that environmental factors play a big role in the comfort level of our patients. If our patients feel intimidated by their environment or feel like the atmosphere is too sterile, they do not feel confident to socialize or practice speech therapy techniques. If the therapy is too structured, patients are also likely to feel like it is a chore.

The beauty of in-home speech therapy is that it allows patients to grow and progress from the comfort of their own homes, and the home is a natural place for easy conversation. Families often have effortless conversations around the dinner table or in the kitchen, for example. In home speech therapy makes use of this comfortable environment to stimulate progress while keeping patients at ease.

There is Hope

Overcoming speech disorders or setbacks can be challenging, but there is hope, especially with in-home speech therapy services. We continuously see incredible improvements in our clients, and it inspires us to keep investing our lives into speech therapy. If you are currently struggling with verbal communication in some manner or another, don’t hesitate to contact our professional team of therapists today. We will help you get your speech back, one word at a time.