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Oxygen Masks and Personal Health: Wellness Tips for Family Caregivers

in home health caregiver with elderly manIf you have ever flown on an airplane, you have probably heard the pre-flight safety briefing that all airlines are required to present. This briefing includes warnings and instructions regarding turbulence, the use of a seatbelt, and the location of emergency life vests – among other important pieces of safety information. The briefing also offers important advice: “If oxygen masks become necessary, a passenger should always put on his or her own mask before helping children, the disabled, or persons requiring assistance”.

Caregiving and Airplane Safety

What does airplane safety have to do with caregiving, you ask? Between caring for the emotional and physical needs of loved ones, trying to manage a household, and attempting to take care of the other requirements in life, caregivers typically don’t have a lot of time to spend on personal health. Just as an airline passenger must ensure that they have oxygen in order to help others, so is it absolutely essential that caregivers protect their wellness so that they can provide adequate care to their loved ones. Here are a few wellness strategies and tips that are manageable for even the busiest of caregivers.

Wellness Strategies for Caregivers

  1. Make sure to eat breakfast: People who skip breakfast tend to suffer from blood sugar crashes throughout the day, making it more challenging to function well. Eating a healthy meal in the morning is the easiest way to augment your daily energy and set the tone for a productive day.
  2. Get an extra 30 minutes of shut eye: If you are only getting five hours of sleep a night, we know it might be a stretch to suggest that you sleep a full 8 hours. Still, most people are capable of going to sleep 30 minutes earlier! Sleep is critical for health, and this extra 30 minutes will add up after awhile.
  3. Add some indulgence to your life: Is there a scent you love? A book you enjoy reading? An activity that brings you peace? Whether you choose to light a candle, kick back with a magazine, or go on a short walk after dinner, try to incorporate a little indulgence into your daily routine. It doesn’t have to be extravagant, but it should be enjoyable for you.
  4. Try coloring: Adult coloring books are all the rage – and for good reason. Coloring has been proven to relieve stress and lessen anxiety, and it is fun! Keep a coloring book with you for times you need to relax.

Don’t Be Afraid to Ask for Help

At Desierto Home Health Care, we understand that caregivers have a lot on their plates. As El Paso’s first-choice Home Healthcare provider for 20 years strong, we are committed to providing the generous people with the assistance they need to care for their loved ones. If you have questions about how our team of licensed professionals can help you, contact us today.