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Home Healthcare in El Paso Desierto Home Healthcare helps to maximize your potential

A Compassionate In-Home Caregiver

Health caregiver and a senior woman during home visit. When your loved one ages, providing adequate care can become more difficult. This is especially true when you have a family and a career to tend to as well. Providing for their every need, taking them to appointments, ensuring that they take their medications and making sure they are safe can all become overwhelming. If you are not ready to place your parents or relatives in a facility, but know they need more help than you can give, consider turning to an in home caregiver. Receiving care from a home health aide or even a licensed nurse can be a great choice for your family.

Compassionate Care

A home health aide is not the same as a in-home nurse. A home health aide acts as a caregiver in the home. They will help your loved one to carry on daily activities. They will provided one-on-one assistance that can include dressing, hygiene routines, grooming, light housekeeping and cooking. They can also accompany a patient to doctor appointments. They can oversee medication administration and create reminders as well. A caregiver’s main role is to ensure that a patient continues on with an exceptional quality of life. The care they provide is solely based on the patients needs.

An In Home Nurse

If your loved one is facing health issues an in home nurse might be a better fit than a caregiver or home health aide. In this case, a registered nurse or licensed vocational nurse will visit the home. They can provide a full range of medical care right in the comfort of the home. Continual independence while receiving great nursing care is a great benefit. Recovery from injuries or help managing symptoms and complex health issues is always made easier when a patient has the freedom to remain in their own environment. Taking vital signs, administering medication, wound care, and monitoring a patient’s self-management are all possible with a licensed nurse.

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At Desierto Home Healthcare, we offer a wide range of options for the care of your loved one. There is no need to place your family member in a facility when they can receive care in their own home and still experience freedom and independence. Whether you need a caregiver, home health aide or a licensed professional we can help. We provide options and customized care for your loved one. Contact us today for more info.