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Alzheimer’s and Dementia Care: How to Enhance In-Home Healthcare

in-home aid taking care of elderly patientOne of Desierto Home Health specialties is Alzheimer’s and dementia care, which can become rather complicated and demanding as the disease progresses. Caring for such patients can become rather stressful for families trying to balance work and other home responsibilities. That’s why we’re here. As you seek adequate care for your loved ones, keeping in mind a few things you can do can help the adjustment and home environment better for everyone.

The Progression of Dementia

Dementia progresses over time, which means that symptoms gradually worsen. This makes Alzheimer’s and dementia care rather complicated, since needs are constantly changing.

The Alzheimer’s Association categorizes the disease into mild, moderate, and severe stages. Early symptoms can begin to manifest as simple memory loss and forgetfulness. From there, the patient will begin to exhibit failure of basic motor functions and begin to struggle with walking and basic day to day functions. Part of Alzheimer’s and dementia care includes helping the patient avoid frustrating situations.

Home Enhancement Tips

Alzheimer’s and dementia care can be enhanced through a willingness to constantly adapt to the shifting needs of the patient. In addition to great in-home care, some alterations to the home can help you feel you’re doing everything possible to keep your loved one comfortable.

  • Lighting: Loss of sensory and spatial awareness is a common symptom of dementia. Increasing lighting in your home can save patients from falling, but also from becoming lost.
  • Pathways: Alzheimer’s and dementia care requires attention to the patient’s unique circumstances and symptoms. Mild to severe memory loss comes with a profound feeling of disorientation that can cause stress and frustration. Clear obstructions from pathways in the home and ensure there are contrasting colors. Add signs with easy to read letters or pictures that indicate the room.


  • Personalized Environment: Creating a personalized space for your patient can help them feel they are in a safe and familiar environment. This will ease bouts of sudden disorientation and can include family photographs, mementos, and meaningful objects from the person’s past.


Choose the Right In-Home Care

Watching a family member suffer from dementia is difficult and stressful. Understanding the progression of the disease helps family members be better prepared for changes in behavior. The proper in-home care from Desierto Home Health nurses coupled with enhancements of the home can help your loved one stay comfortable, safe, and as stress free as possible. This way you ensure the best possible life from them and your family.