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How Technology Is Improving In Home Physical Therapy

The body is incredibly complex. After injury or trauma, there is never one clear path to recovery. Rehabilitation may take months to years, depending various factors. The process requires consistency and patience in both the patient and the therapist. Today’s technology is making the world of physical therapy much more accessible and exciting with new options. Desierto Home Therapy knows that in home physical therapy is a convenient way to recover from an injury or after surgery in the comfort of your own home.

The medical field, like every other industry, is seeing the changes of technology alter methods and processes.  Below are some exciting new additions to the world of physical therapy thanks to growing innovation.

Therapy Apps

Many smartphone apps are easily inexpensive and very accessible. Some of these apps help educate patients on their injuries and how they affect their health and their physical mobility. Patients can then log onto the app and view highly detailed models of human anatomy that give people insight on their issues. From here patients begin to understand the interconnectedness of the human body and see the importance of their physical therapy exercises.

Therapy Videos

There are apps developed that specifically target patients who need guidance and help with their exercises. In home therapy consists of a professional coming to your home and guiding you through necessary exercises. Having video references can help patients perform the movements when they are alone and have trouble remembering the specific movements. These apps might contain a library of exercises that can be accessed with an internet connection via a smartphone and then stored in the device for later viewing.

Therapy Robots

While not yet used so much in in home physical therapy, using robots to help patients recover from stroke is slowly spreading. The use of artificial intelligence helps in the recovery of neurological pathways. Some common examples include the robotic gloves that exercise the hand and wrist, and the robots that aid in repetitive tasks to rewire the brain.

Technology will soon help therapists better assess a patient’s progress as well. Special apps will be able to measure how closely a patient followed a program and followed the exercises. It will increase data that a therapist can use to adjust or alter a patient’s specific path to recovery and this is a great thing!

The Advantages of In Home Physical Therapy

Bring a health regimen to your footstep. At Desierto we have knowledgeable and skilled professionals that come to your door and guide you through your recovery. One of the advantages to receiving physical therapy at home includes the fact that you never have to leave your house. If you are injured or suffering pain, traveling, finding rides, or using public transportation can become a real problem and inconvenience.  

Choose Desierto for Home Health

Desierto seves the El Paso area and offers bilingual services so you can feel comfortable with asking questions. Get to know the friendly faces of your in-home therapist and rehabilitate from your injury from the comfort of your own home.