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In Home Occupational Therapy for Gaining Independence

Young therapist providing at home occupational therapy to an older womanIn home occupational therapy encompasses much more than people realize. First and foremost, this form of therapy can be utilized for more than just recovering from an injury or stroke. While this is one of the primary reasons people turn to this form of therapy, it can be used for so much more. Even more so, when occupational therapy happens in the comfort of the patient’s home they tend to respond and find much more benefit.

Gain Independence

The primary goal of in home occupational therapy is to help the patient gain independence. This can be different from other forms of therapy because it is meant to help gain back an optimal value of life. This is done through helping them accomplish everyday tasks. This can include simple things like cooking, getting dressed, hygiene activities, enjoying pastimes like sports and crafts, conducting necessary movements for a job and even handwriting.

Barriers to Everyday Living

There are many barriers that can inhibit the necessary movements for these everyday activities. This usually does income injury or stroke. However, there are other causes as well like having a physical disability, aging or a mental illness. For instance, an occupational therapist can help a patient with a mental illness learn skills and coping mechanisms to be able to successfully leave the house and do everyday things grocery shopping or attending outdoor events.

The Benefit of In Home Occupational Therapy

The home is the most optimal place to receive this form of therapy. The majority of the skills a person needs to cope with daily life all take place in the home. Simple things like reaching for a coffee mug, bending down to pick up an item or pulling on pants all happen at home. Receiving help and therapy where these activities take place is not only beneficial but also much more comfortable for the patient. They have the freedom to engage in the therapy without the fear of being watched by other patients.

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If you or a loved one needs in home occupational therapy to continue to live life to its fullest, our specialists at Desierto Home Healthcare can help. We offer tools and treatment to help you gain mobility and the tools for continuing on in daily activities. Our therapist provide quality service right in the comfort of home. Contact us today for more info.