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Why Wound Care is an Important Part of Your Recovery

wound care

Caring for a wound is often overlooked. Many assume that with time the wound will heal on its own when in fact it requires proper care and adequate attention. Neglecting the wound can also result in infection and other negative consequences. Whether you have a cut, burn, or any other form of a skin laceration, caring for the wound is highly significant. At Desierto Home Healthcare, an experienced nurse can provide you or a loved one with in-home wound care to properly care for your wound. Our nurses are concerned with your wellbeing and will ensure that you remain on a steady path to recovery. We highlight the importance of wound care in the home setting because we know how difficult it is to properly care for the wound yourself.

Professional wound care administered by a nurse can prevent and assist with the following:        

Prevent Infection

The bandage on a wound requires continual attention as it will need to be changed repetitively in order to prevent infection. No matter how careful you are about hygiene and cleanliness, there is always a risk of infection when it comes to wounds. Our nurses and caregivers will check the wound for any unusual discharge or changes. If an issue does arise, our team will be able to provide medical attention right away, preventing the risk of infection.      

Minimizes Scarring

Not all wounds have to end in scars. By keeping the wound soft through the application of ointments and other medical creams, your wound will be prevented from scabs that could end in scars. The early stage of the wound’s healing is detrimental when it comes to preventing scars. Our team will ensure that your wound is consistently cleaned by changing the bandage and that the skin around it is moisturized, all of which will minimize or prevent scarring.      

Speeds Healing

There’s a myth that wounds heal faster is left uncovered — this isn’t true! It’s extremely critical that a bandage is applied to the wound as it will hasten the area and will speed up the healing process. Of course, another aspect that our nurses will be concerned with is protecting the wound from bacteria that could cause further damage. With the professional at-home wound care you will receive from our nurses, your road to recovery will be a safe and swift journey. We can quickly address any emergencies or concerns and you’ll never have to worry about your progress.  

Receive Reliable Care From Desierto Home Healthcare

Desierto Home Healthcare provides the most reliable wound care in the Sun City! We say that for a reason. Our team of nurses will care for your wound in the privacy and comfort of your home so you can focus on feeling like yourself again. Please do not neglect to get the help you need. Connect with our team today so we can provide care for you tomorrow!