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In-Home Physical Therapy Helps Patients in El Paso Regain Mobility

If you or a family member are recovering from an injury or illness, why not get the help you need in the comfort of your own home? Desierto Home Healthcare provides in-home physical therapy for individuals in the El Paso area. Physical therapy is a one-on-one appointment with the goal of improving function and maximizing the patient’s independence. We provide customized in-home physical therapy services that work specifically for the needs of the patient. Our team of nurses understands that everyone’s injury or illness is specific and constantly evolving. We will properly administer evaluations, treatment, and education that will get you back on your feet.

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In-Home Physical Therapy Is As Effective as Other Forms of Therapy

The simple fact that in-home physical therapy takes place in the comfort of your home is one of the most obvious advantages of this type of therapy. In fact, the National Institute of Health conducted the largest study to date on therapy and found that in-home physical therapy was just as effective as other forms of therapy for use in stroke recovery. No matter what you’re suffering from, Desierto Home Healthcare’s in-home physical therapy services will be able to help you restore your mobility.

Get Better in The Comfort of Your Own Home

Physical issues make it incredibly difficult for patients to get from their homes to a therapy location. Instead of struggling, simply choose in-home therapy services! This way, you’ll get healthier without having to leave your house. If you need physical therapy services, there is a good chance that mobility is an issue. A therapist coming into your home is not only more convenient for the patient, but also for family members who may otherwise need to deal with the hassle of transportation and time away from work. Better yet, in-home physical therapy provides safety management and fall prevention so you’ll be able to better navigate your home without falling or facing a debilitating injury.

Reduce Pain and Restore Function with Physical Therapy

The goal of physical therapy is to aid individuals who need to regain the ability to complete daily tasks. Physical therapy achieves this by reducing pain and restoring function. Desierto Home Healthcare provides a variety of physical therapy services to individuals in the El Paso area. We understand that everyone’s situation is different. For this reason, we will provide specialized and personalized care to suit your needs as precisely as possible. The following are some of our most common in-home physical therapy options:

  • Health evaluation
  • Specialized home exercises to build strength and endurance
  • Training to improve mobility
  • Assistance with walkers, canes, or wheelchairs
  • Implementation of safety measures

What Desierto Home Healthcare Has to Offer

Desierto Home Healthcare’s in-home physical therapy services assist individuals in a variety of ways. Our certified team of nurses assists in restoring function by educating patients on many subjects. Balance coordination activities and therapeutic exercises build strength and endurance while keeping you safe from imbalance. A great benefit of in-home therapy is the ability to craft home safety practices in order to move in your home as safely as possible. If your home has stairs or multiple levels, we will train you on how to best walk on these uneven surfaces. Pacing and breathing activities will also be implemented in order to help patients conserve energy while moving.

In-Home Physical Therapy Assists in a Variety of Ways

When a patient is asked to complete physical therapy exercises in a public setting, they may feel vulnerable or even embarrassed. Having to rely on someone else for help isn’t easy for some of us, and the ability to complete these exercises in the safety and security of your own home will afford more confidence and peace of mind.

Our in-home physical therapy experts work with patients at a variety of levels and ages. If you or a loved one have experienced falls, weakness and imbalance issues, loss of strength or range in motion, then it may be time to seek physical therapy. Recent surgery or medical procedures can also lead to issues with mobility, requiring patients to undergo physical therapy in order for their motor functions to return. No matter the situation, Desierto Home Healthcare is ready to help.

Choose Desierto Home Healthcare in El Paso, Today!

No matter what your in-home physical therapy might entail, we will properly administer and oversee your physical activity, exercise, and additional treatments. There are a number of different services and techniques our nurses will employ in order to speed up your recovery. These services include massages to help relieve your pain, strengthen your muscles, and promote healing.

You deserve the very best in-home physical therapy care that will increase your mobility, strength, coordination, and balance. At Desierto Home Healthcare, we promise to provide you with that care. Contact us to find out how we can assist you. We are also happy to answer any questions about our services.

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