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Wound Care Services in El Paso and the Southwest

Deep cuts, burns, or other types of wounds require daily care. Changing the bandages, applying ointment, and cleaning the area are common types of wound care. Proper wound care can sometimes become a hassle due to the wound’s location. Confidently caring for a wound can also be difficult. If you or a loved one are in need of wound care, Desierto Home Healthcare’s skilled nurses will be able to provide home wound care. Proper wound care leads to complete healing.

el paso in home wound care

What to Expect with Our In-Home Wound Care Services

Desierto Home Healthcare’s staff always uses a standard, evidence-based protocol when caring for our patient’s wounds. In addition to changing the dressing and other basic care, we provide the following services:

  • Education regarding self-monitoring for symptoms that may indicate an infection or complication.
  • Education regarding how to prevent new wounds from occurring in the future and how to prevent complications with your current wound.
  • Communication and collaboration with the doctor treating your wound about your progress and troubleshooting with him or her regarding slow-healing wounds.
  • Advice on the types of foods, drinks, vitamins, supplements, and activities that promote rapid wound healing.
  • Recommendation of supportive surfaces or other types of devices that can aid in the healing of wounds.

Evidence-based care means our home healthcare nurses use methods proven to produce positive outcomes for patients. The first time your wound care nurse meets with you, he or she will create a care plan that promotes the fastest possible healing of your particular wounds. Your nurse will seek your input as well as that of your treating physician.

Benefits of Professional Wound Care in Your Home

When leaving the hospital or a long-term care facility, it’s important that you don’t have any gaps in your care. Desierto Home Healthcare is available to step in right away so you receive high-quality ongoing care. We assign a licensed nurse to your case to ensure a smooth transition from receiving care on an inpatient basis to receiving care at home. In addition to caring for your wounds, we can assist you with medication management, strengthening exercises, personal care assistance, and ongoing coordination with your other healthcare providers.

Seek Wound Care in the El Paso Area

Not treating wounds properly could significantly delay the healing process or cause the wound not to heal at all. Contact Desierto Home Healthcare today to establish a schedule of wound care in the privacy of your own home.

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